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Personal blog:  

My Personal blog can be found on :



Established  in the summer of 2018, an alternative to social media channels, it’s evolved into a bit of a ‘digital shed’ where I can post photos and videos. More ⇣  
Travel to London

Travel to London UK is the last in a series of experimental web projects. It is a re-purposing of the original Travel to Olympics site in 2013.  The URL is 


This adaptive mobile/website provides a free guide to visitors to London, with over 60 tourist attractions, hotel recomendations, links to travel operators and an interactive map.

Derived from the original version, ‘Travel to Olympics’ which was set up and monetised in 2012 as an affilate site,  linked to the booking engines and ticketing  for online /affiliates. partnerships.
Professional blog

My Professional Blog can be found on: 



Established in 2018, this is a kind of ‘online cv’. It is more informative and visually compelling than a conventional 3 page word document.  
Company website

My Company website can be found on:



I make a living as a contractor working through Summetria, my limited company, whish is specialised in the online business.  More ⇣
Travel to Footbal

Travel to Football can be found on: .


This was my first adaptive mobile website. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.